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Nº3: Plastic in the circular age

Understand how the plastics industry will operate in a more circular future.

Littering the mint plastic wrap on the street is not a problem just for the incorrect disposal. It is also because that plastic — which required a lot of energy to be produced — spent a very short while in use with the consumer and still ended up on the ground, as a potential polluter.

That small wrap will join many others disposed like that as trash, ending up in landfills, dumps and flowing into rivers, seas, and oceans. Waste and pollution that damages entire ecosystems.

Plastic is both eclectic and functional, but without proper care it can end up in the wrong places, especially if we stick to a linear logic of economy. A model that even ends up generating much loss of this material in the production chain in the industries.

With the Circular Economy, we can build a new plastic economy, in which the entire volume of this residue can be put to good use to do new things, preventing it from being deposited in the environment, and diminishing the exploitation of finite resources, such as, in this case, oil.

Now that you've learned about food in the Circular Economy (No.2: Food in the Circular Economy)

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How about continuing the journey towards a circular future? (Click on the image and let's learn more about):

  • Reuse, remanufacturing, and various types of recycling
  • Waste return systems (plastics as input for plastics)
  • Upgradeable products, ending "scheduled obsolescence"
  • Design, "Physical Internet", replacement of products by services.


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