The world's garbage is an enormous waste.

That's 2 billion tons of trash a year that could turn into other things. What if we invent new ways to recycle and reuse what otherwise would be discarded?

About us

We are the Circular Movement!

The Circular Movement is a movement that started in Latin America, based on the urgent reflection on the need for everyone's participation so that nothing becomes trash anymore.

We are a community set up by people, companies, social organizations, and public authorities, committed to contributing, through education and culture, to the transition from a linear to a circular economy." "We try to make sure that everything can become something else, in a circular way. It is our collective mission to disseminate knowledge and encourage the development of new processes, products and attitudes that promote the circular economy.

The Movement was created in 2020, amid the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which made even more clear the urgency of making the world work differently. More than recycling - that is, transforming what was discarded into raw material for another product - we want to encourage the reuse of materials, whether for the same or another purpose. After all, we currently generate over two billion tons of waste. We believe we can change this together!

If you are interested in topics such as environmental education and sustainable development and believe that this mission makes sense to you and/or for the institution you represent, please contact us. The initiative is open, promotes room for collaboration and relies on the action of everyone who connects to the cause, to reach more and more people and more places.

We all must act together! It is possible to create a new way for the world to work!

Be a part of it!

Meet Muti!

Muti is the mascot of the Circular Movement. He personifies the movement, carrying its attributes. The name itself comes from its ability to change and renew itself all the time. Muti is a nickname for 'Mutant'.

This curious, direct, adventurous, and provocative being explores galaxies, systems, and constellations in search of planets full of life and potential. Upon arriving here on Earth, it brought us his MUTI-IDEAS, so that we too can get our hands dirty and build, together, through education, a way of living that only brings and leaves good things. Avoiding waste and turning trash into a new resource is essential and VERY MUTI COOL!

Our Manifesto

Let's invent a garbage-free world!

Is it garbage? What if we could turn it into something else?

Everything that is good lasts more and in the end becomes something else.

What if we admit that we love old, used things?

Used things can be comforting. If you keep them, it's one less piece of garbage going to landfills.

What if we ignore the upgrade trend?

Upgrading is only good for those who sell things. Be rebellious.

What if we fix things instead of throwing them away?

Fixing is smart. Things last longer and the money stays in your pocket.

What if we customize before we get tired of something and get rid of it?

Use your imagination to turn what’s ordinary into something new.

What if you are a genius in the art of fixing things?

You will surely find out in practice.

In the circular economy, products are designed to last longer.

All over the world, manufacturers are being challenged to create products that last longer and that can return to the production cycle after use.


The education on Circular Economy changes people's lives.

You, your students, collaborators, will change the way they look see the world after leaning what the circular economy can do for the world.

Never throw anything in the trash again

What if we make new things using old ones as a resource?
What if we imitate what has been working for thousands of years?
And what if we stop throwing away what we can fix?
What if we invent businesses that do not yet exist?

Feed the planet as you eat

What if we consumed more local products?
What if we started shopping in a different way?
What if we invented a circular home?
What if we came up with an edible city?

The beginning of a new culture

What if every product were designed not to go to waste?
What if we invented endless ways of reusing things?
What if things that are no longer useful could become raw materials for something else?

The magic of multiplying wealth

What if we realized that nature works to our advantage?
What if we could use everything without having to own anything?
What if we invented jobs to rethink what isn't working?

Cities that imitate nature

What if the city could feed on its own waste?
What if the city could improve life in the countryside and vice versa?
What if we invented a city that produces good water and clean air?

The education on Circular Economy changes people's minds.

You, your students, collaborators, will never be the same again after discovering what the circular economy can do to the way you eat and dress, where you buy things and consume, how you move around the city and from which way you live within it.

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Latest news


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The magazine interviewed the Movement's Pedagogical Coordinator, Professor Dr. Edson Grandisoli, along with the director of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for Latin America and the Caribbean


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Circular Movement and representatives of major brands were interview for an article about circularity in the cosmetic market


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Circular economy and income generation

Professor Dr Edson Grandisoli, at the Third Sector Observatory, talks about how to reconcile circular economy and income generation


Circular Economy and Education

Professor Dr Sueli Furlan, at the Third Sector Observatory, talks about how to combine the topic of circular economy and education


Circular Movement at National Geographic!

We were a reference in a report on what the Circular Economy is, together Ellen MacArtur Foundation. (Photo: Thomas Peschak/ National Geographic)

    First Meeting of Partners was a success!

    In two days, we presented to partners from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, the results of the first 600 days of the Movement and what is to come.

      MC at international event

      Marisol Del Toro, Educational Ambassador in Mexico, presented Circular Movement at the event. The Forum was organized with the participation of the Instituto TecnolĂłgico de Monterrey.

        The Circular Economy guarantees the achievement of several goals linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.