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We are the largest open education initiative for Latin America's circular economy! Connect to a network that matches what you believe. Gain access to content and qualified experts. Take part of actions and projects that bring knowledge about circular economy to more and more places and people.

Be part of this change and help build a garbage-free world!

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Who can be part of the Circular Movement?

Organizations can be part of the Circular Movement by becoming partners! It is enough for them to be engaged or willing to engage in the circularity agenda and to contribute to the transition from the linear economy to the Circular Economy, through education and culture.

Individuals can be part of the Circular Movement by using the resources available on the platform to make a difference at home, in the community or at work and by inspiring more people to join the Movement. See how:

  • Enrolling at Circular Academy and taking our courses.

  • Accessing our educational materials on circular economics.

  • Using the pedagogical activities in the classroom (in the case of teachers)

  • By registering your actions for a circular world on our Initiative Map.

  • Subscribing to our newsletter with contents about Circular Economy.

  • Sharing all our content with more and more people!

What kind of organizations can be Circular Movement partners?

We rely on organizations that are already performing or intending to perform to bring the precepts of the Circular Economy to more and more people. These can be private companies, government agencies, educational institutions, sectoral or third sector entities.

How can teaching institutions and teachers be part of the Circular Movement?

  • Educatorscan download and edit our educational materials and practical activities on circular economy, available on the "To Teach" page, and use them in the classroom. They are activities designed by our specialists, aligned to the Common National Curriculum Base, for elementary school I or II and high school.
  • Any school or college can register the actions taken to build a world without waste on our Initiative Map.
  • Private institutions can become partners of the Movement, as well as education bureaus and city authorities (in the case of public institutions).

What does a partner gain by being part of the Circular Movement?

Being a Circular Movement partner means being recognized as part of Latin America's largest open circular economy initiative. It's being part of change and helping to build a new way of the world to work: waste-free. It is about contributing to the transition from linear economy to Circular Economy, through education and culture, bringing this knowledge to more and more places and people, in a collaborative way, through specialized content, courses, events, projects and actions between partners and with the Movement.

What is expected from a Circular Movement partner?

  • Recognize partnership in your communication channels (website, blog, networks etc).
  • Spread content about Circular Economy on your communication channels.
  • Offer CE talk spaces in events that participate or promote.
  • Carry out lectures, workshops and courses on CE for stakeholders.
  • Extend the reach of the Movement by engaging new potential partners.
  • Consider sponsorship of projects, awards, and educational actions on CE.

Do you have to pay to become a Circular Movement partner?

There is no membership fee for partners yet.

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