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First Week of Circular Economy in Latin America

Event held in São Paulo promoted gathering of players from different sectors committed to spreading circularity and new opportunities for the Circular Movement


Innovation Strategies for the Circular Economy

It's necessary to overcome the challenge of creating more sustainable products and ideas that also involve most people on the planet


Reverse Logistics as an ally of Circular Economy

For the production to take place in a cyclical manner, we need to stop only extracting the resources of nature and start to take more advantage of the resources that are already in use


Global report warns of urgency of circular economy

The fifth edition of "The Circularity Gap Report" presents, among other points, the circularity of the planet, societies and businesses



Circular Economy and Education

Professor Dr Sueli Furlan, at the Third Sector Observatory, talks about how to combine the topic of circular economy and education


Circular economy and income generation

Professor Dr Edson Grandisoli, at the Third Sector Observatory, talks about how to reconcile circular economy and income generation


The circular economy in sanitation

What factors determine the choice to adopt food disposers, or where to dispose of toilet paper? Prof. Carlos Chernicharo talks about the circular economy and sanitation.


Circular economy challenges and opportunities

Check out the opportunities of the circular economy in this super cool video of the Virada Sustentável, in Brazil.



MC at the 1st Circular Economy Week in São Paulo

The event brought together representatives from different sectors committed to spreading circularity, between the 4th and 7th of May, and generated new opportunities for the Circular Movement

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Partnership with Facens!

Facens College, the most sustainable private college in Brazil, according to the UI GreenMetric international ranking, is the newest institutional partner of the Circular Movement.

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Exclusive webinar for BrasALPLA

The Circular Academy "In Company" started with an exclusive live class for employees of the company BrasAlpla!

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Conference in Tunisia

The Circular Challenge, a joint action with Tec de Monterrey, Mexico, was presented at the Global Engineering Education Conference - EDUCON 2022, in Tunisia.

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