Do you know what is virtual water?

The Circular Movement explains the concept and how to prevent it from happening. Check it out!


Hunger in Brazil, waste and the circular economy

Read this article about the importance of the circular economy for better use of food and reduction of waste


Cosmetic Innovation: challenges of circular beauty

Circular Movement and representatives of major brands were interview for an article about circularity in the cosmetic market


Where will all the waste in Brazil end up?

Learn about the National Solid Waste Plan and the targets that aim to eliminate open-cast landfills and encourage reuse in Brazil



Circular Economy and Education

Professor Dr Sueli Furlan, at the Third Sector Observatory, talks about how to combine the topic of circular economy and education


Circular economy and income generation

Professor Dr Edson Grandisoli, at the Third Sector Observatory, talks about how to reconcile circular economy and income generation


The circular economy in sanitation

What factors determine the choice to adopt food disposers, or where to dispose of toilet paper? Prof. Carlos Chernicharo talks about the circular economy and sanitation.


Circular economy challenges and opportunities

Check out the opportunities of the circular economy in this super cool video of the Virada Sustentável, in Brazil.



Amiplast is a new partner!

Amiplast S.A., a plastic and polymer recycling company in Argentina, signed an alliance with the Circular Movement. Encouraging the use of recycled material saves natural resources!

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MC at the end of the Green Sampa 21/22 acceleratio...

We participated in the panel "The Environmental Challenges of the city of SĂŁo Paulo", promoted by ADE SAMPA, with Professor Dr. Edson Grandisoli, Pedagogical Coordinator of the Movement

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MC at international event

Marisol Del Toro, Educational Ambassador in Mexico, presented Circular Movement at the event. The Forum was organized with the participation of the Instituto TecnolĂłgico de Monterrey.

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MC at Scania's Climate Day!

Opening Environment Week 2022, Circular Movement gave a lecture for employees of the Scania Group, in SĂŁo Bernardo do Campo (Brazil), on the concepts of circular economy.

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