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Circular Economy generates opportunities that transcend borders

The winner of the 2023 International Award for a World Without Waste is the first Brazilian student at the Mexican Earth & Life University.


What can rain teach us about Circularity?

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Circular Economy: What do you do with burnt-out light bulbs?

Discover how Reciclus is leading the transition to a circular economy and how you can contribute to responsible disposal.


Small bars and restaurants adopt Circular Economy practices in Brazil

Research from Abrasel/Sebrae reveals that 48% of small establishments adopt waste reduction, sustainable management, and food reuse.

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Nº5: The cities of the future

Discover how the Circular Economy can reshape the course of cities.

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Circular Economy: International Award for a World Without Waste announces winners of Febrace 2024

The winners are from Rio Grande do Sul and Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. This is the first stage of the International Award for a World Without Waste 2024.

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Meet Circular Economy Model Cities in Japan

Circular Cities are urban communities that adopt principles and practices of Circular Economy in their planning, operations, and lifestyle. In Japan, we have at least three examples of these.

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Circular Movement Embarks on Japan Mission for Immersion in Circular Economy

Circular Movement Invited by Japanese Government through AOTS Brazil to Join Circular Economy Business Model Transformation Program


Unraveling the Secrets of Circular Economy in Japan

How did the Land of the Rising Sun become a reference for circularity?

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Brazilian carnival brings reflection on waste pickers and Circular Economy

In Olinda, Pernambuco, where one of the largest street Carnival parties in the world takes place, waste pickers play a fundamental role in cleaning the city and in the logistics of the festival.

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