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Brazilian carnival brings reflection on waste pickers and Circular Economy

In Olinda, Pernambuco, where one of the largest street Carnival parties in the world takes place, waste pickers play a fundamental role in cleaning the city and in the logistics of the festival.

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Circular Economy: After all, what does an environmentalist do?

There are many ways to be an environmentalist and perhaps you already are one without knowing it.

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Summer and Circular Economy: challenges of coastal cities in waste management

Explore initiatives and cities that balance coastal charm with environmental conservation and the Circular Economy.

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From Soap Operas to Big Brother Brazil: Globo Television Network Invests in Circular Economy in its Productions

How does Brazil's largest broadcaster embrace circular practices with its innovative Green Productions Guide?

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Brazil produces 48 million tons of construction and demolition waste

Pedagogical coordinator of the Circular Movement, Edson Grandisoli, points out that a significant portion of this material can be recycled or reused.

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The Circular Challenge 2023 and the stories behind each winner of the Spanish edition

Latin American students innovate, turning challenges into inspiring solutions.

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Circularity that inspires, creates opportunities, and transforms lives

Winner of the World Without Waste Award presents an innovative solution to tackle drought in water-scarce areas.

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No. 4: Opportunities in a Circular World

Discover how the Circular Economy creates opportunities for an equitable and prosperous future.

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Circular Movement announces the winners of the International Edition of the World Without Waste Award.

More than 1000 projects were evaluated at science fairs in Latin America and in the Portuguese and Spanish editions of the Circular Challenge 2023.


Coloring the future in a circular way

Winner of the Circular Challenge 2023, the initiative from Jundiaí-SP aims to expand the reverse logistics of commercial paints.

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