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Circular Economy: a cultural and economic response for a more sustainable world

Learn about the advancements and perspectives of Circular Economy in Brazil.

Circular Economy

Circular tourism impacts the way we travel and seek destinations

Travelers seek more meaningful and conscious experiences.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy and the Potential of Recycling Steel Cans

Learn more about initiatives and best practices to ensure the recycling and proper disposal of paint cans.

Circular Economy

With the involvement of society, businesses and the government, Japan is the largest recycler of electronic waste in Asia

A UN GEM report reveals that the Asian country repurposes 613,000 tons of discarded devices; Circular Movement was in Japan and shares experiences at an international congress.

Circular Economy

Recovering the Soil, Rescuing Life

Soil degradation has become an increasing challenge worldwide

Circular Economy

Soil Restoration and Circular Economy

Learn about some successful global initiatives for soil restoration

Circular Economy

Circular June: Shall we celebrate World Environment Day with a Special Agenda?

On World Environment Day 2024, global attention will be focused on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. How about learning more about the way the Circular Economy can act in this context?

Circular Economy

Climate Adaptation and Climate Refugees – Global Issues, Specific Discussions. Are We Prepared?

Environmental crises highlight the need for integrated actions to ensure a secure and sustainable future.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy generates opportunities that transcend borders

The winner of the 2023 International Award for a World Without Waste is the first Brazilian student at the Mexican Earth & Life University.

Circular Education

What can rain teach us about Circularity?

Climate events that leave unrecoverable traces are a call to the Circular Economy

Circular Education
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