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World Enviromental Education Day

Let's get to know the origin, the relationship with the Circular Economy and examples of how it can bring benefits to the environment and people

2022 Circular Movement Retrospective

Check out the main actions we carried out this year, with partners in Brazil and Latin America

The power of education in the Circular Economy

The power of education in the Circular Economy

Circular Movement in Santa Catarina schools

Partnership with Orleans institution (SC) promotes Circular Economy practices in the city through school

Can you celebrate the end of the year in a circula...

The great challenge of the time is to dodge consumerism

Cities and Urban Metabolism

On World Cities Day, let's figure out how the urban environment must be understood from the flows of raw materials, energy and nutrients, in order to make it more circular.

The Fabulous Journey of Muti and the Libelautas

Movimento Circular launches the first children's book with an adventure inspired by the Muti mascot

2nd Meeting of Circular Movement Partners

In two days, the event brought a special program to celebrate the 2 years of the initiative

Circular Movement celebrates 2 years

We are already the largest open education initiative for the circular economy in Latin America and a reference on the topic for the world

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