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Circular Fashion is more than a trend

Circular fashion sees the options of the entire production chain and prioritizes the use of recyclable and recycled materials in the creation of products with a longer and more sustainable life cycle

Circular economy

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World Without Waste Award premieres 1st International Edition

Circular Challenge and World Without Waste Award now acknowledge efforts in Latin America, expanding the integration among partners in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico

Electronic waste recycling can generate 40,000 jobs in Brazil

Data from Circular Movement and GM&C point out that recycling electronics is a profitable business if done correctly, and can generate BRL 800 million a year

Circular Movement reaches 1 million people!

Such figures reinforce how the joint action of all sectors of society drives education for the Circular Economy

Carnival leaves 3,500 tons of trash on the streets of five capitals

Circular Movement pedagogical coordinator, Edson Grandisoli explains that the practice of the three “Rs” is a great ally for a sustainable party

Circular economy
Biogas and Biomethane: The link between brazilian sanitation and energy gain

Learn about the potential of these alternative sources for cleaner energy generation and better management of organic waste in landfills and sewage treatment plants

Circular economy
World Enviromental Education Day

Let's get to know the origin, the relationship with the Circular Economy and examples of how it can bring benefits to the environment and people

Circular Education
2022 Circular Movement Retrospective

Check out the main actions we carried out this year, with partners in Brazil and Latin America

Circular economy
The power of education in the Circular Economy

The power of education in the Circular Economy

Circular Education
Circular Movement in Santa Catarina schools

Partnership with Orleans institution (SC) promotes Circular Economy practices in the city through school

Circular Education
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