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Época Negócios: old cell phones become jewels

Look how amazing! Used cell phones are becoming jewels in Europe. Época Negócios explained how the process is done. Check out:

Luxury mining: old cell phones become jewels in Europe

Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, together with Italy, Spain and Greece, developed a process to use the metallic components of smartphones

Disposal of cell phones in Europe is entering the circular economy with the use of the metallic components of the devices — such as valuable remnants of silver, gold, platinum and copper — to make jewelry. Although it may seem simple, the process is quite sophisticated, as these equipments are produced with a large number of different materials.

The initiative is from a consortium of Italian, Spanish and Greek companies, which use robots to separate metals (through melting with hot air, which preserves the original properties of each element) and 3D printing to sculpt the jewelry. The process was developed by the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, but each of the three countries involved in this luxury mine carries out a part of it.

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