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Nº.2: Food in the Circular Economy

Imagine a journey into the future in a timeline in which the Circular Economy has been successfully implemented by all societies.

As your destination, you choose an urban area of the city where you live, a landscape that you were used to seeing gray, lifeless. However, this is in the future… “wow!”. You look around and green has taken over the streets, squares, backyards, balconies, and roofs.

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Imagine a world where fruit trees flourish, healthy food is abundant, and pedestrians can pluck fresh fruit right from the sidewalk. All this thanks to organic waste that is no longer destined for the trash, but instead nourishes the land and preserves soil quality.

This is just one of the scenarios of how our relationship with foods can change through the Circular Economy, bringing benefits to health, nourishing the soil, providing more happiness and, above all, reducing inequality of access to food and food insecurity.

Now that you've learned the Basics of Circular Economy (No.1: What is Circular Economy?)

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How about continuing the journey towards a circular future? (click on the image and let's learn more about):

  • How we can feed from the city, and how the city can feed crops.
  • How agricultural zones closer to cities can ensure food security and reduce losses.
  • How we can cultivate with less poison, valuing the diversity of natural predators.
  • How new logics in selling food in supermarkets can change the ways we relate to food.
  • How buying foods with less packaging helps reduce waste generation.

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The Education section in the Circular Movement website has much more content that exemplifies, in an uncomplicated manner, how circularity can change the way you eat, dress, where you buy things and how you consume, how you move around the city and how do you live within it. Visit!

Who are we?

Circular Movement is a multisectoral initiative that brings together people and organizations committed to the transition from a linear to a circular economy through education and culture. Our collective mission is to disseminate knowledge about the Circular Economy, encouraging the sustainable development of new processes, products, and attitudes for a world without waste. Let's create a world without trash together!

Learn even more about Circular Economy

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, access the Circular Academy, the first free Latin American course on circular economy aimed at the general public. All of us, in partnership and collaboration, can make a difference in building a more circular planet.

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