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Circular Movement Embarks on Japan Mission for Immersion in Circular Economy

By Circular Movement

Get ready to embark on a journey with the Circular Movement that promises to show new horizons, where innovation and tradition come together to redefine the future of sustainable business. Between March 6th and 19th, we will participate in Japan in the Circular Economy Business Model Transformation Program, offered by the Japanese government. The invitation to participate in this journey came through AOTS, an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Economy of the Land of the Rising Sun.

On this Mission to Japan, the Circular Movement will be able to create strategic connections, exploring potential collaborations that transcend borders. After all, this program aims not only to deepen the understanding of the Circular Economy concept but also to learn about the Japanese model of circularity and possible avenues of approach between Japan and Latin America.

During the 15 days of immersion in Japan, Vinicius Saraceni, Hub Director of Circular Movement, and 22 other selected participants, including another Brazilian, will participate in technical visits to renowned industries in Nozaki and Tokyo. These visits will provide a privileged view of Japanese culture, highlighting the efficient use of resources.

For Saraceni, this trip is a unique opportunity. "I am excited to experience and share our journey to Japan, where we will explore their advanced resource utilization practices. Japan incorporates this approach into its DNA, and we want to understand more about these cultural pillars that make Japan the cleanest country in the world. Furthermore, obtaining this cultural link is something that will bring novelty to the content we, in the West, have access to, offering a new perspective on resource efficiency and utilization," he comments.

The journey will also include the creation of strategic connections not only with prominent companies but also with the Japanese government and other institutions. The goal is not only to absorb valuable knowledge but also to explore growth and collaboration opportunities at the forefront of the Circular Economy. This initiative further elevates Circular Movement's global presence and highlights its commitment to being a driving force in the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Saraceni emphasizes that "Japanese culture, marked by a mindset of maximum resource utilization, offers valuable lessons on sustainability, circularity, and efficiency that will be explored in this course."

In addition to bringing unique and relevant content to the public about Circular Economy practices in Japan, the trip is expected to generate growth opportunities for the Circular Movement itself.

There is great anticipation to share all the details of this adventure. Follow everything on our social networks! Let's go together to Japan to build a world without waste!

Learn more about AOTS

The Japan Mission is made possible thanks to the AOTS Institute of Brazil, the Brazilian branch of AOTS Japan - Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships. For over 60 years, AOTS has promoted technical cooperation between Japan and developing countries through managerial and technical training activities in Japan and assisted countries. Members of the AOTS Institute of Brazil act voluntarily, faithful to AOTS's mission of creating a world of "Coexistence and Joint Growth'' and act as an extension of AOTS Japan for the introduction of its management programs in the Japanese model in Brazil.

About Circular Movement

Created in 2020, Circular Movement is a collaborative ecosystem committed to encouraging the transition from a linear to a circular economy. The idea that all resources can be reused and transformed is the motto of the Circular Economy, the basic concept of the movement. Circular Movement is an open initiative that promotes collaborative spaces with the aim of informing individuals and institutions that a waste-free future is possible through education and culture, the adoption of new behaviors, inclusion, and the development of new processes, products, and attitudes. The work is done in partnership with Dow, a chemical, plastics, and agricultural products company based in Michigan, USA. Circular Movement currently impacts 2 million people through its activations and content.

And you? Do you want to learn more about Circular Economy?

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, access Circular Academy, the first free Latin American course on Circular Economy aimed at the general public. Together, in partnership and collaboration, we can make a difference in building a more circular planet.

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