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Circular Movement: Celebrating 3 years of opportunities for a more circular future

By Marília Banholzer, from Circular Movement

Lack of natural resources, environmental degradation, climate change, and social pressure are just a few urgent reasons that lead us to embrace the Circular Economy. Imagine a world with no waste, where processes, products, and technologies are innovative and sustainable, designed so that at the end of their life, they can become something else in a circular manner. It is precisely this path filled with opportunities that we want to resonate!

Companies and governments play a fundamental role in this journey. By developing products and promoting disruptive solutions that meet circularity demands, they drive, for example, a value chain that generates employment and income for thousands of people involved in waste processing. It is a virtuous cycle, with endless connections and possibilities.

"It is very exciting to think about the future of the Circular Movement. It connects us to a social, environmental, and economic agenda that gains strength in all sectors", Vinicius Saraceni, coordinator of Circular Movement.

With the belief in a planet full of opportunities provided by circularity, the Circular Movement celebrates its third anniversary. It has become the largest open education initiative for the Circular Economy in Latin America, impacting over 2 million people through various channels, from free courses, awards promotion throughout Brazil and other Latin American countries, educational activities and challenges, and much more.

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Vinicius Saraceni, coordinator of Circular Movement, emphasizes the importance of these discussions for more conscious production and consumption. "We are increasingly sought after by startups, organizations looking to accelerate their circular agenda, governments, sector entities, in short, the Movement has been able to become a magnet, a catalyst, an important and leading voice on the circularity agenda," he celebrates.

Embrace this cause and be part of the transformation of society towards a waste-free world. With engaged partners and inspiring actions, we are changing the way the world operates.

And as in every moment of celebrating a new cycle, it is natural to set new goals and embark on new challenges. In Vinicius Saraceni's opinion, looking at the future of the Circular Movement is a pleasurable and enthusiastic exercise.

"It is very exciting to think about the future of the Circular Movement. It connects us to a social, environmental, and economic agenda that gains strength in all sectors. In government, sector entities, industries, companies, and society, it creates several opportunities. This agenda brings new possibilities for us, for people, and for the planet," Vinicius Saraceni concludes.

In three years we have proven in practice the benefits that circularity can bring to the entire ecosystem. Therefore, our anniversary campaign could not have another theme: "Circular Economy: Let's together build a new world of opportunities?"


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Join us right now and let's build a sustainable future full of opportunities! Together, we are the change the world needs to become more circular.

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