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Circular Movement announces the winners of the International Edition of the World Without Waste Award.

By Arlene Carvalho, from Circular Movement

Which project is the most comprehensive and innovative in the Circular Economy in Latin America? Finally, the day has come to answer this question and announce the winners of the 1st International Edition of the Award For a World Without Waste, promoted by the Circular Movement. Among more than a thousand projects evaluated at science fairs in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, as well as projects from the Circular Challenge in Portuguese and Spanish editions, nine finalists were selected.

For Maria Carolina Stenico, project manager of the Circular Movement and coordinator of the Award For a World Without Waste, the award is inspiring, and witnessing the dedication and innovation of the participants was indescribable.

"I am very happy and grateful to make the Prize for a World Without Waste of 2023 possible in five countries in Latin America. Coordinating this event was amazing, and I thank each one for contributing to a more sustainable future. The journey continues, and I am eager to see the positive impact of these projects on communities and the world. The year 2023 was full of achievements, learning, and renewed hope. Together, we are building a truly waste-free future," says Stenico.

The winners were announced in an online event with live streaming - which can be reviewed here.

20230324_160109 (1).jpg The grand champion of the 1st International Award For A World Without Waste also won the 3rd Award For A World Without Waste at Febrace 2023, in March of this year.

The champions of circularity

Directly from Northeast Brazil, the grand winner of the award is the project titled "Rainwater Collection and Storage System from Low-Cost Materials: an Alternative to Combat Drought in the Northeastern Semi-Arid," authored by student Vitória Sabrina da Silva Leite and professor Antônio Serginaldo de Oliveira Bezerra from E.E. Monsenhor Raimundo Gurgel in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte.

The project aims to address the challenges of drought in the northeastern semi-arid region by creating low-cost cisterns for collecting and storing rainwater. Using accessible materials such as discarded tarps and parabolic antennas, the initiative aims to provide access to water, especially for the most vulnerable families, and enable storage during periods of drought. Additionally, the project seeks to promote circularity by using reusable materials, contributing to the resilience of communities in the face of climate challenges.

According to Edson Grandisoli, pedagogical coordinator of the Circular Movement, the project's differentiator is creativity and the desire to transform the local area for the better, and for everyone. "The solidarity vision that fosters collaboration also aligns with the ideas of a more just and circular economy," he explains.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-04 at 15.04.02.jpeg The team behind the Piezoelectricity-Conducting Trees. Image: Reproduction

The second place comes directly from Colombia with the project "Piezoelectric Conductive Trees." The team created a device that converts the mechanical energy generated by the oscillatory movement of trees into electrical energy. The goal is to develop an alternative energy form that does not harm the environment and is beneficial for communities or areas without access to electricity.

Captura de tela 2023-11-23 001337.jpg The entire team involved in the Paint Bank project. Photo: Reproduction.

Completing the podium is the Paint Bank - winner of the Brazilian edition of the Circular Challenge 2023. Conceived in Jundiaí, São Paulo, the project proposes the creation of a paint bank to connect donors of unused commercial water-based paints to those who need them - avoiding improper disposal and assisting families in situations of social vulnerability. The community can participate by donating paints and using a website or app to inform their paint needs.

And what are the prizes?

All participants will receive a participation certificate and have their respective projects promoted on all Circular Movement platforms.

In addition to the general prizes, the 1st place will receive an exclusive mentoring session with our Circular Economy experts to boost the project; a $500 gift card - for the group to use in project development and participation in new fairs; and a scholarship at Earth and Life University.

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive, in addition to the general prizes, a $100 shopping voucher for the group to redeem prizes.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-29 at 17.34.58.jpeg Team behind the creation of the ComparTEC project. Image: Reproduction.

Honorable Mention

_Students from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico received an honorable mention in this 1st International Edition of the Award For a World Without Waste, with the project "ComparTEC" - one of the winners of the Spanish edition of the Circular Challenge 2023.

The team's idea was to create a platform to rent tools and different equipment for students at the institution - something like a library but for products. Instruments from the fields of architecture, arts, engineering, sports, and even electronic items can be found. The students thought that, in college, often an item was bought by a student for very specific use, and after use, it was either discarded or simply no longer used.

The project enables more people to have access to the materials necessary for their own education, as well as breaking the logic of linear consumption. The platform's management will involve a team of people who could keep these equipment always in good condition. ** According to Vinicius Saraceni, CEO of the Circular Movement, the projects that came in, the engagement of teachers, and the celebrations of local awards are a source of great satisfaction because these ideas are becoming increasingly relevant to society.**

"We are very proud to have been able to bring together, in the first edition of the Award for a World Without Waste, various fairs spread throughout Latin America. For the first time, we also had the opportunity to bring together young people from these countries to discuss such a relevant theme, which is gaining more and more strength and importance for society as a whole," says Saraceni.

He emphasizes that **the joint efforts and collaboration of everyone were essential for the success of this initiative. **"Together, we are making a difference in building a more circular and waste-free future. I would like to express my thanks to the partners involved in the project, all participating fairs, and the management of the Circular Movement. Special thanks to the coordination and coordination of Mª Carolina Stenico in this process, as well as all others involved," concludes the CEO of the Circular Movement.

All the winners highlighted creative solutions to environmental and social challenges - with great potential applicability in different scenarios. The teams demonstrate the commitment of youth to promote the Circular Economy. The award not only recognizes these achievements but also inspires future generations to lead the transformation towards a more circular world, with more opportunities and without waste.

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