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Circular Academy holds special Masterclass

The Circular Movement is reaching further and further and uniting people to build a world without garbage! Last Wednesday (16), the graduates of the Circular Academy's "Introduction to the Circular Economy" course participated in an exclusive live with an expert on what a circular economy is and how it can help in tackling climate change.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Edson Grandisoli, Educational Coordinator and Circular Movement Ambassador; Vinicius Saraceni, coordinator of the initiative; and also from Alinye Amorim, a student at Circular Academy who is already putting what she has learned into practice.

On the agenda, the impacts of the linear economy for the planet and for people, and how the circular economy has become an alternative to this reality. “The linear economy has this characteristic of extracting a huge amount of resources, producing with high rates of waste and generating a consumption of products that stay in the hands of consumers for a very short time and quickly become garbage. This logic has considered that the planet has infinite resources, which is not true, and that, at the same time, it would have the ability to metabolize all the waste we produce. In addition, throughout this chain, we still have high rates of greenhouse gas emissions”, pointed out Professor Edson.

In the circular economy, the reality is different. “It favors, along the production chain, among other factors, that materials that are already in circulation can be constantly reused or recycled, so that nothing becomes waste. This has an intimate relationship with climate change”, added the Movement's educational coordinator.

In addition to the class on climate change, students were able to learn about the case of the Roupa Descolada project, by engineer Alinye Amorim, a student at Circular Academy. The initiative has already exchanged 2,300 pieces of clothing for people of all ages in schools in the interior of São Paulo. Learn more about this story by clicking here.

Vinicius Saraceni presented the Circular Movement and told how it has already impacted the lives of more than half a million people across Latin America and joined efforts between companies, society and public authorities to create a different world - and free of garbage!

The event was a success, approved by 100% of the participants! “It is a great joy for us to see so many people engaged in building a world without garbage. There are more than 800 people enrolled in Circular Academy, who want to learn and take their knowledge further, reaching more and more people for this cause. Very good to be able to bring these people together for a moment of exchange, like this first Masterclass. We are excited for the new initiatives”, said Vinicius Saraceni.

About Circular Academy

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